How I Lost 100 Pounds | FOOD part 1

How I Lost 100 Pounds | FOOD part 1 I am a goal oriented girl ... I find it motivating to have something that I am ultimately working towards. But I have also found that huge goals that take a long time to reach tend to frustrate me. That frustration eventually leads to me giving up. That's why on this journey I started creating "mini goals" that were obtainable within a few months. When I reach them they make me feel more successful and they … [Read more...]

Losing Weight (again) After Gastric Bypass

Losing Weight (again) After Gastric Bypass I have had this post sitting in draft form for a few months now, unsure whether to share or not. Weight has always been a sensitive issue for me and I have mostly been very quiet about my journey(s) because of this. I've decided to share in hopes that I might reach, help, motivate or encourage even one person that is in the same situation(s) I was. The feelings of desperation and fear are overwhelming … [Read more...]