MAM Rock-a-Bye Baby Party : Binkies, Teethers & Brushes Oh My!

This is Amanda from Mommy of  Two Little Monkeys and I’m here to tell you all about the MAM Rock a Bye Baby party that I threw at my house this past Wednesday. The best kinds of parties are the ones that are not only kid friendly & baby friendly.. but all about your kids and babies! I sent out evites through Facebook to many of my mommy friends, posted pictures of the exciting party gifts that they would be receiving and started to … [Read more...]

Mam Rock-a-Bye Party : Planning Games & Goodies!

Hi there! This is Amanda from Mommy of Two Little Monkeys. I am a baby tester for Ourkidsmom and this week I will be hosting a MAM Rock A Bye Baby party at my house! This event with my mommy friends and their precious little ones will be filled with talk of MAM, fun party games, yummy food, awesome party prizes and lots of fun while playing with our babies I’m preparing the party gifts this evening and adding special touches of my own.. … [Read more...]

Moon Dough Push ‘n Pop Breakfast Set Review [CLOSED Giveaway]

My kids are total molding dough freaks. They play it on an almost daily basis… I figure it’s creative, stress reducing and plain ‘ole fun so why not? I have heard of Moon Dough, but have avoided it until now because of the rumors about crumbling etc. But now… Moon Dough has an all new formula! This molding dough now features a better consistency for molding and is less crumbly. After a little more research, I found out that Moon Dough never … [Read more...]