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Save Big for a Bright Future

Our summer seemed to fly by this year. I swear their last day of school was yesterday, but lo and behold August is here and the kids are headed back to school!

I always try to make the last week of summer a little extra special. This includes taking a few extra trips to the pool and having little home “parties” with some of our indulgent foods that we maybe don’t eat as often as the children would like.


During our shopping trip at Wal-Mart I asked the children what they wanted for a treat. They both suggested cinnamon rolls for their back to school breakfast.

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I was up for that challenge. I had been wanting to try the “waffle” cinnamon rolls I had seen others post about and the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls were perfect for this! We made sure to remove the outer paper carefully so that we could save the Boxtops for Education label.


Both children also wanted to try the Nacho Cheese taco shells with our Mexican dinner that week. Because we were “treat” shopping I agreed, knowing that 5 Box Tops helped the school as well!


Their all time number one “treat” dinner request, though, is a Party Pizza. I prefer to make my own pizza for them, but from time to time I cave and let them have one. This was one of those times… and they also had Box Tops on them.


I figured that was probably enough “treat” food for our special week. I could tell the kids were giddy while they giggled and skipped on the way to the register. I was happy to make them happy while helping out their school at the same time.

Haven’t heard of Box Tops for Education… or you have, but you really don’t know what the fuss is about?


By clipping Box Tops for Education and sending them into your child’s school, they can redeem them and receive 10 cents for each Box Top in return! There are not restrictions on the money they get from these… it can be spent however the school sees fit.

Our little trip earned our school .80 to use on whatever they need! Box Tops is one of America’s largest school earnings loyalty programs with over 80,000 k-8 schools participating. Our school is one of the many. We are fortunate to have most of our parents already sending in Box Tops throughout the year. The classrooms even have little competitions on who can send in the most. This means that our PTA is able to easily fund at least 1 field trip per classroom, often times 2! Our children’s education is enriched just by sending in little labels on products we are already using at home. It’s a win! win!

Do you send in Box Tops to your local school? What is your favorite participating item?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.