How to Get Out of Paying a Speeding Fine

How to Get Out of Paying a Speeding Fine

So you’ve been speeding and ended up holding a speeding ticket? You are not alone. Statistics show that the number of speeding infringements have been rising steadily. So what would you do if you are given a speeding ticket? Pay the fine and walk out clean, isn’t it? No, things are not so easy. Whenever a ticket is issued against you, the insurance company applies a surcharge of up to 30 percent for the next three years.

However, you can make things easier by working with an experienced lawyer and try to get the speeding fines NSW nullified.

Here are some tips that will help you get out of paying speeding fines:

1. Complete Submission is the Best Policy

If you have been caught for speeding, never try to get into a brawl with the police. Instead slow down the car, take off the keys form the ignition and stay calm inside the car until the police comes in. Remember the police have to tackle with a number of rogue people all through the day, so any unexpected action will make the police think you are one of them. Stay calm and explain the entire situation. Keep your voice low and put on an expression of guilt on your face (this might even melt the officer’s heart!).

2. Be Courteous When Interacting with the Police

When you encounter a police for speeding, be courteous. Show that you have no intention to harm the officer. For instance, if you need to pull out your wallet to retrieve the license and registration, ask the office whether it is okay to put down the hands and reach your pocket. Turn on the light inside the car, so that the office can see you clearly. You can reduce the chances of being given a speeding ticket, if you remain courteous throughout the conversation.

3. Never Talk Non-Sense

If you have been asked to pull to the side for speeding, agree that you did something wrong. Instead of giving vague excuses take responsibility of your actions and say “I may have gone beyond the speed limit to keep up with the flow of the traffic”. Say that you’ll be careful from now onwards and request for a warning. Never show a nasty attitude when talking to the officer, especially when it’s you who is at fault.

4. Look at the Legal Options

If nothing works, take refuge under a lawyer. Traffic tickets amount to billions of dollars and are a big source of revenue for the state or county. In fact the WA Government was predicted to earn almost $100 million in revenue from speed and red light cameras in 2016. So you must fight your tickets and try to minimise the amount of fine and prevent it from impacting your insurance policy. Work with an experienced lawyer to know your options and give a tough fight. A ticket can add hundreds of dollars to your monthly expenses, so it is wise to spend a few dollars (for hiring a lawyer) and fight for your rights.

Keep the following tips in mind when driving and use them if you are ever caught for speeding. There may be chances that you will be allowed to walk away with a warning, if you are not a repeat

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