Strawberry Love Monster Valentines Day Recipe
  • strawberries
  • paper straws
  • melting chocolate (I used Godiva)
  • candy eyes (ours were purchased from Target)
  • white icing (writing)
  1. First start by poking your straws in your strawberries. I poke them right in the middle of their stem. Then set aside for a moment.
  2. Now melt your chocolate in the microwave. Place the bowl in the microwave and melt for 15 seconds at a time. Mix at each interval until the chocolate is smooth.
  3. Dip the strawberry into the chocolate and place your eye on it… set aside.
  4. Repeat for all, then place in fridge to harden.
  5. Take out and make a smiley face on them with the white icing.
  6. You can eat then or place back in fridge until your ready to gift your crazy for love monster.
Recipe by OurKidsMom at