The Best Essential Oils for Travel

The Best Essential Oils for Travel When you pack your bags for your next trip, don't forget to grab a few key essential oils. There is nothing worse than not feeling your best while you are are traveling. Thankfully, there are essential oils that can help you in most situations from not being able to sleep to having an upset stomach. Here are just a few of the essential oils every traveler needs. Lavender Essential Oil One of the most … [Read more...]

Essential Oils to Help with Sleepless Nights

Essential Oils to Help with Sleepless Nights A good night’s sleep is one of the keys to a good health. Sleep really is responsible for keeping so many of our other systems running properly. Being able to sleep through the night is natural for us, until we are unable to do so, which can cause even more stress. There are a lot of factors that keep us from sleeping, and many of them are beyond our control. There are things you can control and … [Read more...]

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Cleaning with Essential Oils A clean home is the goal for so many families and homeowners, but there is always a struggle between finding products that work but are also safe to keep in the home. So many of the cleaning products that we have become accustomed to are not good for us, or the environment. Essential oils are a safe and natural alternative, that when used correctly and on the right surfaces, can help us keep our homes clean, germ … [Read more...]

Essential Oils for Sun Protection and Summer Fun

Essential Oils for Sun Protection and Summer Fun Hours spent in the sun can damage skin faster than we realize, especially when we do nothing to protect exposed skin, Get in all the summer fun and time outside that you want when you take the steps to protect against sun, heat, bugs and other common summer ailments. Essential oils make great natural remedies and skin care agents, helping protect from sunburn. This summer, head out for fun … [Read more...]