Holiday Gift Guide 2012 | Chuggington Brewster’s Icy Escapade Wooden Train Set

Chuggington Brewster’s Icy Escapade Wooden Train Set  This month as a Chuggington Conductor I get to bring you Chuggington’s newest wooden train set featuring Brewster... Brewster’s Icy Escapade. Help Brewster save the day! As seen in the episode “Frostini’s Meltdown,” a heat wave has struck Chuggington  and the power is out. Help Brewster safely reach the ice cave to quickly deliver ice to the Ice Cream Factory and save the day! This … [Read more...]

Chuggington Icy Escapades DVD & Book

Chuggington Icy Escapades DVD & Book coming October 30 Chuggington is back, this time with a winter themed set. My kids always enjoy seasonal and holiday oriented movies, and this was didn’t disappoint. Ethan snatched both of these out of my hands as soon as the flash went off on the camera and had it playing in the DVD player within minutes. With fabulous lessons to learn and a great storyline he was entranced. DVD: In this traintastic … [Read more...]

Birthdays Are More Fun With CHUGGINGTON! | Party Supplies & Cake

The folks in the Chuggington Conductor headquarters heard that Ethan was having a 4th birthday party and decided to send him a few things to make it more fun. Namely, Chuggington party supplies and CAKE! There is an entire Hallmark line of dinner/dessert plates, lunch/beverage napkins, invitations, thank you notes and stickers to tie the theme together and get the party on track. All of them have Chuggington trainees including Brewster, Wilson … [Read more...]

Chuggington Traintastic Adventures on DVD

Chuggington Traintastic Adventures on DVD Wilson, Brewster, and Koko take on action-packed adventures and thrilling quests in six engaging episodes... plus a bonus Badge Quest short! Your trainees will be engrossed while Brewster tests a speedy new invention, Koko’s stunt training saves the day, Wilson gets stuck on the track lift and everybody competes in a big chug-of-war! With friends like Harrison, Speedy and Action Chugger along for the … [Read more...]

Tomy’s Chuggington Die Cast Storm Maker Wilson’s Wild Ride Play Set Review

As a Chuggington Conductor I am excited to share one of the newest play sets in the line from Tomy... Wilson’s Wild Ride. I got my first peek of this at BlogHer in New York at the beginning of the month and was excited to get home and let the kids play with it. I am one of those moms that detests toys with a lot of set up time. I don’t mind helping out a bit and playing with them, but if it’s going to take me 15-30 minutes to assemble a toy … [Read more...]

Chuggington Bubble Train Whistle, Light Up Bubble Chugger & Play Balls Review

Our newest Chuggington Conductor toy is actually four different toys! Now for some outside, summertime fun... Chuggington Bubble Train Whistel, Light-Up Bubble Chugger and two fun bouncing balls. Summertime brings outside play leaving me looking for fun and inexpensive toys for the kids to enjoy on the porch. We were sent two Chuggington bubble blowers and two balls. I was actually more excited to open this box than the kids were. I love … [Read more...]

Chuggington Wilson and the Ice Cream Fair DVD [CLOSED GIVEAWAY]

Chuggington Wilson and the Ice Cream Fair DVD The charming new compilation for preschoolers and families is set to satisfy everyone's appetite for fun and adventure with adorable, age-appropriate escapades to engage and enchant young viewers. A colorful and contemporary CGI-animated TV series from Ludorum that reinforces early social readiness skills to help young trainees ride the rails of life, Chuggington airs daily on Disney Junior, … [Read more...]

Mega Blocks Chuggington Construction Sets Review

Emma and Ethan have been very interested in everything transportation related... cars, trucks, boats, planes, motorcycles and especially trains (or choo choos as Ethan still calls them). So when I recently found out that I was chosen along with 19 other blogs to be a Chuggington Conductor... well, I was giddy! This means I will be bringing you traintastic news, updates and product reviews (with some awesome giveaways!) over the course of the … [Read more...]

Chuggington Season 3 Pulling Out of the Station | Twitter Party Thursday 3/22

Chuggington Season Three – Wheels to the rails Chuggington Season 3 is set to pull out of the station on Monday, March 26 on Disney Junior! Airing weekdays at 7:30 a.m. EST, the third season of Chuggington will be full of new and exciting adventures as Wilson, Brewster and Koko learn to navigate the rails of Chuggington with help from new and familiar friends.  Chuggington will also be featured on the new 24-hour Disney Junior basic cable … [Read more...]

#HGG Chuggington Calley’s Rescue Set Wooden Train Set Review [CLOSED Giveaway]

Chuggington Calley’s Rescue Set Wooden Train Set This 39-piece set features a unique 2-in-1 Rescue Shed: stack for a 2-level rescue shed or unstack for a track elevator and stand-alone tunnel! Includes Calley's Rescue Computer with lights and sounds, Calley, Wilson, two rescue cars, two track hazard areas and more! Ethan loves trains, tracks and Chuggington. I love classic feeling toys made from natural materials. When we were offered a … [Read more...]