Calliope Games Tsuro The Game of Path Review

Tsuro The game of Path
by Calliope games

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About the game Tsuro:  Create your own journey with Tsuro…the Game of the Path.
Place a tile and slide your stone along the path created, but take
care! Other players’ paths can lead you in the wrong direction—or off the board entirely!
Find your way wisely to succeed.
The rules are simple: you place a tile to build the next step for your stone to follow. Paths will cross and connect, and the choices you make affect all the journey across the board.
Stay the path—your journey begins here.


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From the Calliope website:  Life is moving at hyper speed these days—it’s going faster and getting tougher to navigate every year. The economy, the workplace, and technology all add unbelievable stress to our daily lives. Calliope Games believes we can relieve that stress by engaging our families and friends in fun, face-to-face entertainment. Tabletop games, like the ones we make, offer the opportunity to connect with and enjoy each other within a personal context that inspires socialization, creative expression, and cognitive challenge.
At Calliope Games we are focused exclusively on creating affordable tabletop games that will bring your family and friends together time after time for SUPERSIZED Family Fun!


My family loves playing games together & we love learning new games.  We were given Tsuro to review & we couldn’t wait to have a free night to try it!

Many times when trying to learn a new game, it takes forever to read the instructions and everyone gets frustrated before the game has even begun.  So, this time, before inviting the kids to the table, I read the instructions & was surprised at how quickly I understood how to play.  Within 5 minutes I had the game set up & we called the kids.

Tsuro 002

Right away everyone caught on & we were able to play without any stress.  🙂  It only took about 15 minutes to play the game which was great considering our youngest was getting tired & needed to go to bed.

We played with our 9 & 12 year old and they learned the game very quickly and didn’t need any help to play.  I think our youngest (age 4 1/2) could play with help, but certainly not on her own.  I’m guessing in the next year or so she’ll be able to play without much help.

Tsuro 001

I like this game because it is quick, fun, easy & makes you think.  It’s a brain-teaser type game, but not so much that you get frustrated (even though everyone looks a little crazed in the photo!  Ha!).

Tsuro received a Preferred Choice award from Creative Child Magazine in 2009 and I can see why.  I highly recommend Tsuro & will check out Calliope’s other games for us to try.


You can purchase Tsuro The game of Path for $24.44 at RV $29.99


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    Ugh! looks like a fun game.

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    I love that they are so focused on Family game time!

  5. Wow I have never heard of this game and I know who it love it I must try to win this and if i don’t i will have to buy it 🙂

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    it’s a family run company!

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    Oh, this would be soooooooooo much fun for the kiddos…and for me! Grin

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  9. Julie B. says:

    I like the Tsuro game the best, but what I learned was that Calliope (my Greek mythology is rusty and I get them all confused now so this was an appreciated refresher tidbit) was the muse of epic poetry, the daughter of Zeus, was known for her beautiful voice, and inspired those around her through the creation of literature and the arts!

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    I like that they are focused in getting families to spend more time together and are doing so through their family-oriented games.

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    I’d like to try the Got Em game.

  23. Jude Skocki Kelly says:

    “Calliope is focused on pulling families and friends back to the recreation room table in an era where occupations and digital mediums are constantly soaking up each minute of one’s day.” This is so awesome. Every game I go to buy these days are DVD games. I really don’t like them. They are not games that can be played at the camp site or if the power goes out. I like a game that doesn’t require anything but the game and the players ! You know ‘no assembly required’

  24. I learned Calliope Games is a family run company that was founded in September of 2009 by Jordan and Dawne Weisman, and Ray Wehrs. Collectively, we have been engaged in the gaming industry for over 70 years!

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    I like that they’re being creative and coming up with new games

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