What Is A Stay At Home Mom Worth?

About 10 years ago my husband and I purchased life insurance on him. Because he is the bread winner we felt it was important to ensure that if something happened to him I would be able to pay the bills but still stay home with our children. At that time we only had two children. Now with four children and two that will be home for at least another 15 years life insurance is even more important.

But what if something were to happen to me? Our recent discussions have been about how my husband would be able to make ends meet if he had to pay for child care. A stay at home moms “job” is often belittled and sometimes looked at as if we aren’t contributing to our family’s finances. But, if my husband were put in the position to pay someone to do the “jobs” I do he wouldn’t be able to afford it. It’s as simple as that.

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Just for kicks I went to salary.com and had them calculate what my paycheck would be if I were paid for everything I do.  Considering I am on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week, I think $112,962 a year sounds good to me!

In all seriousness, though, the main concerns if I weren’t around would be our children. Specifically, transportation to school and having someone watch them when my husband had to work weekends. Considering he works a public service job, there isn’t much money left from his check at the end of the month. We’ve decided that life insurance on me is a must.

The question now is “What kind of life insurance do I need?”.  Life Insurance 101 lays out the options well. We currently have a Term Life policy on my husband. We worked it out to cover us until our youngest would probably be leaving the nest. It was the least expensive option and covered our main concern… providing enough money to allow me to cover the bills if something were to happen to my husband while not changing quality of life for our children.

There are so many options to consider, but it is a truly important topic to study. Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, and more. They might seem foreign to you now, but once you decide which policy you need and how much coverage is optimum for your family, the peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are covered is priceless.



  1. brett says:

    We have had to go through this exact same thing – these same conversations- although we did decide to get policies almost immediately after 9/11. I was crying that my boyfriend might go to war, and he was concerned I might be left with a house I couldn’t afford to live in. SO important to be smart and plan ahead!

  2. Caitlin Clark says:

    Hmm… Definitely something to consider in all seriousness!

    We actually do have an insurance policy for myself, but we haven’t been able to get one for my husband because he’s been ill for a while. Finally getting back on his feet though!

    Very thought-provoking! Thank you for the read!

    • Caitlin Clark says:

      And if we actually got PAID to be SAHM, wouldn’t that be a dream…?

  3. I never really thought about that…You’re sooo right! Nobody seem to notice how hard our ‘jobs’ are and focus on the parents that actually go OUT of the house to work.

  4. courtney b says:

    i STILL think its more! lol im a sahm AND i work soooo i should be making double! lol

  5. I too never thought about life insurance on myself. Very good thing to think about. It isn’t easy staying home and making sacrifices either. But we do it! =)

  6. Robin Quick says:

    Humm Ive never thought about it that way. Our son is a teenager so that does change the “worth” a bit. But its still something to think about. Ive always thought a burial policy was all we needed for myself because its very expensive to bury someone. Just that cost without insurance would put a hardship on the surviving husband.

  7. Rust says:

    You make a lot of good points here and I think most people generally only consider the breadwinner in terms of insurance. That life insurance101 tutorial is helpful and I think we should probably look into this too.

  8. Sarah says:

    We just finished this ourselves a couple months ago. Another factor for us was funeral/burial costs. I think going over costs to cover my contribution to the family and keep things running as accustomed was a little shocking to my husband. Not that he ever dismisses my role, but it was a nice reminder of exactly what I do. It felt morbid to talk about, but I’m glad we did it.

  9. Anita says:

    It was very interesting to learn what a stay at home mom is actually worth!

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