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When constructing my holiday gift list I take a lot of things into account.


  • I go through my mental list of items my children have mentioned throughout the past few months that they wanted.


  • I go through the catalogs and mailers that my children have tirelessly gone through and circled their wishes.

Of course cost is an issue, but once I’ve narrowed down my list I then start imagining how much the children would use an item and their reactions.

Why do I imagine reactions? It’s simple.

I’m a greedy Momma.

Let me clarify that statement for you. I am greedy because I want my children to be excited about the gifts “I” give them… not Santa.

Dumb? Yes. But I want the kids to know that I put time, energy and thought into the gifts that “I” give them. Not some imaginary guy that lives with a bunch of tiny men and women at the North Pole.

I want to be the most EPIC parent EVER.

I want my children to react just. like. this.

Watching this video I am grinning ear to ear. I can totally see my Emma and Ethan reacting just like the children featured. Heck, wouldn’t YOU react like that if someone gave you a set of new wheels?!

Even at 5 and 7, I know the Emma and Ethan would squeal, jump up and down and beg to go outside (even in 20 degree weather) so they could take their new wheels for a spin.

Hmmmmmm….. I think maybe this greedy Momma might add a Power Wheel to our Christmas list and start car shopping (especially since Ethan just saw the video and said “We should get one of those cars Mom!”_.




  1. Rebecca Parsons says:

    My husband and I talked about getting this for Christmas for our grandbabies. This would be fantastic and yes we would be the most epic grandparents ever lol

  2. Debbie Welchert says:

    I can see my grandson jumping up and down too. I would love to buy a Power Wheels for him for Christmas and watch his reaction too. It would be so nice.

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