Project 366 | Day 22 | Patchwork from the Sky

Project 366

Day 22

Patchwork from the Sky

This photo was taken while on my way home from Chicago to Kansas City.

I love how the landscape looks like a patchwork quilt.



  1. Renee Wapniewski says:

    That is so pretty.

  2. jessie boggetto says:

    i love this pic. it is soo coool

  3. kellik says:

    beautiful picture ! It does look like a patchwork quilt!!

  4. Rachel Buiten Rohde says:

    that looks awesome.

  5. Heather says:

    I am a Kansas City girl too! Prairie Village actually but close! I travel a lot for my job and I love that technology like Skype exists to allow you to still read stories, connect with your kids while you are way!

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