Preparing for College

Going to college is a big thing. It marks the next stage of your life, and it’s best to be prepared. Here’s a quick look at a few ways to prepare yourself.

Know Your Field

You might have some idea of what you want to do for your career, and then again, you might not. If you know what you want to do, you should prepare for any specific tests you might need to take to enter that field. For example, if you know that you want to be an attorney, you might want to take the LSAT prep online to ensure that you do well enough on it to get into a good law program. The same holds true for medical school or any other field where you need to take a specific test before college.

Clean Your Digital Presence Up

If you’re very active on social media and post any unsavory or controversial things, you might want to give yourself a digital makeover. These days, one of the things that college admissions teams look at is social media. They’ve been known to pass over candidates if they find things they don’t like or that they feel would represent their institution in a negative way. Go through your social media accounts before applying to college and get rid of anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable with your conservative grandmother seeing.

Financial Aid

If you managed to get a full scholarship, you can skip this one. Otherwise, you’ll need to apply for financial aid. College is expensive, and while some might be able to pay as they go, most won’t take that route. If this is you, apply as soon as you know where you want to go so that it’ll be in place before the time to pay the tuition.

Choose a School

There are plenty of colleges to choose from, and for some, the decision might be a difficult one. When it comes to choosing a school, maybe you’re a massive NCAA fan and already know where you want to apply. Then again, perhaps you’re looking to move as far away from home as possible to stretch your wings and flaunt your independence. There might be a particular school that you’re attracted to academically. Whatever the case, once you’ve narrowed it down, apply to more than one just in case you don’t get into the one you truly want.

Be Ready Before You Go

Moving to college from high school can be a massive transition. If you happen to be stressing over this new chapter in your life, there are a few ways in which you can prepare before you ever set foot in your dorm. From developing strong technical skills to researching academic support, these things can help you on your way.


Course work in college takes quite a bit more reading than what’s required in high school. You should begin to accustom yourself to the increase in the workload by reading as many books as possible while you’re in high school and in the summer before you go to college. How much you read is more important than what you read, but it can be helpful to choose books that are recommended for whatever your college major will be, or books that align themselves with your personal or academic interests.

Be Ready for the Entire Journey

Finally, remember that the college journey doesn’t end with your freshman year. You’ve at least 3 years after that, and that’s if you want to stop with a bachelor’s degree. Find out everything you need to know before you head to college, from locating scholarships to creating a professional resume so that you’ll be able to showcase your education in the profession of your choice once you graduate.

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