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Frecklebox Personalized Gifts for Kids : Review [CLOSED Giveaway]

Emma and Ethan are easy to please when it comes to gifts, but for some reason a gift with their name on it makes them smile extra wide. I sometimes have a hard time finding personalized gifts for Emma because her “real” name (Emmaline) is not very common and usually not found premade. When Frecklebox agreed to let us review a few items I called the kids to the computer to help me shop. I have to admit, it was a difficult decision. Emma really … [Read more...]

#WIN Glow Baby 2011/2012 Organizational School Year Family Calendar : Review & GIVEAWAY : [CLOSED] : #rafflecopter

About Glow Baby: Glow Baby is dedicated to providing unique and user-friendly scheduling tools for today’s busy parents.  Glow Baby products are all about helping parents save time and reduce the stress of the day to day.   Glow Baby Journals, Planners, Calendars and Lists help parents keep track of daily activities such as; feeding, sleeping, diapering, bathing, first foods by type, meal planning, family activities, general to do lists for … [Read more...]

Pre Blog Mania Giveaway Event : Two Prizes : Two Winners! [CLOSED] #rafflecopter

Coming soon to 80 blogs near you is the 4th season of BlogMania!!! You will see a wide range of prize packages that you be able to enter to win. You can see some of the sponsor prizes HERE. For now, let's 'warm' up with a pre-BlogMania giveaway! Two Prizes, Two Winners. Prize #1 is from and open to US/Canada. You can pick two pairs of glasses from their site, up to a $150 value!! Prize #2 is from BlogMania Events, it … [Read more...]

Weekly Weigh In Weeks 44 and 40 on Nutrisystem #NSNation : B&A Photos!

It’s been 44 weeks on Nutrisystem for myself and 40 weeks for Kaytlin.   This week I decided it was time to dig up some old photos and compare them to “now”. Because we were both so self conscious, we did not take formal “before” photos (take a mental note: ALWAYS take before photos). After a little digging I found a few to compare to our current photos. Here I am down 33 pounds compared to “before” and feeling great… This week I lost … [Read more...]

American Express Prepaid Card : Great for Budgeting, Travel, Kids & More!

Years (and years… I won’t say how many) ago my husband and I would always stop by our bank to pick up Travelers Checks for our vacations/travels. We didn’t have a debit card then or a credit card we wanted to use and cash was just a little too risky. What if we lost it, misplaced it or, heaven forbid, were robbed?  American Express now has a prepaid card that is easily reloadable and perfect for traveling and more. I know we aren’t the … [Read more...]

Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation Goodie Bag for Mom [CLOSED Giveaway]

History of Dermagist Dermagist was created over years of experience and research. It has been featured on USA Today, ABC, NBC, CBS, and through many other national corporations. Dermagist has become one of the most comprehensive solutions, offering not only multiple ingredients, but multiple formulas. It has quickly become one of the top selling brands in anti-aging and skincare. Dermagist acts as a complete rejuvenation system that is … [Read more...]

What We Tried… Fresh Vegetable Soup Recipe

This is a SUPER LOW calorie soup (almost free on Weight Watchers) and it is super yummy. It is going to make a nice warm yummy replacement for our salads in the colder months. Fresh Vegetable Soup   PointsPlus™ Value:    1 Servings:  12 Preparation Time:  35 min Cooking Time:  13 min Level of Difficulty:  Easy 2 clove(s) (medium) garlic clove(s), minced   1 medium … [Read more...]

Thomas & Friends Thomas in Charge! on DVD [CLOSED Giveaway]

Life on the Island of Sodor is always full of adventure so all aboard for fun in Thomas & Friends™: Thomas in Charge coming to DVD, Digital Download and On Demand July 12, 2011 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. Children will delight as Thomas and the Steam Team embark on four new exciting adventures. It's full steam ahead as the stories roll along and suspense builds at every turn in these tales, featuring stunning CG animation and … [Read more...]

Make a Spectacle of Yourself [CLOSED Giveaway]

As a parent, I have made it a permanent mental note as to when my children need their physicals/check-ups and dental visits. Often times, though, I forget about their eyes. Be honest (and please tell me I’m not the only one), the topic of vision exams usually only creeps up when a problem is noticed, right? Vision is such an important part of a person’s life. When vision problems creep up behaviors change and learning is interrupted. … [Read more...]

Gender Non Conforming Boys… Should I Worry?

Childhood gender nonconformity is a phenomenon in which pre-pubescent children do not conform to expected gender-related sociological or psychological patterns, and/or identify with the opposite gender. Typical behavior among those who exhibit the phenomenon includes but is not limited to a propensity to cross-dress, refusal to take part in activities conventionally thought suitable for the gender and the exclusive choice of play-mates of the … [Read more...]