Over The Rainbow Copycat Shamrock Shake Recipe

Over The Rainbow Copycat Shamrock Shake Recipe If you are on the hunt for a little extra Luck 'O the Irish this St. Patty's Day, this quick and easy Shamrock Shake Recipe should do the trick! My kids LOVE these and they are so easy to make. Ingredients: 2 cups Vanilla Ice Cream 1 Cup of Milk Mint Extract Green Food Coloring Whipped Crème Air Heads Rainbow Candy (optional) In a blender add 2 cups of vanilla Ice Cream. Add 1 cup … [Read more...]

What to Include in an Emergency Roadside Kit

This post was sponsored by State Farm. All opinions are my own. Our family has been in planning mode for our next vacation. Because of the size of our family, transportation costs like airfare or gas and tolls can get expensive. This year we’ve decided to try to save a few dollars and take a road trip. Road tripping includes just a tiny bit more planning, but it’s not a horrible task. There’s always the normal “what do we pack” list… but … [Read more...]

Top 5 Caribbean Destinations for Families

Top 5 Caribbean Destinations for Families Family vacations to the Caribbean are slightly trickier than other destinations because, while gorgeous, there are usually several limitations in place for the average traveler. A tropical destination is paradise to most adults, and recognizing this, most resorts and destinations have worked hard to attract as many adults to their shores. This means that finding a place that is family friendly and able … [Read more...]

4 Secrets to Get the Most for Your Used Car

4 Secrets to Get the Most for Your Used Car Cars don’t last forever. Maybe the engine has died, maybe it is the cost of maintenance, or it could be the simple fact that you have outgrown the car – say trading in that sports car for something more sensible when kids come along. But one of the hardest things to do is sell a used car for a great price. Let’s face it, who has the time to sell a car? Life is already pulling you in a number if … [Read more...]

Chocolate Guinness Donuts with Baileys Glaze

Chocolate Guinness Donuts with Baileys Glaze With Valentines Day in our rear view mirror, it's time to start planning for St. Patricks Day! I typically look for mint or green items, but this donut recipe looked like a fabulous treat for the grown ups in the crowd! With both GUINESS and BAILEY'S it's sure to be a hit for your next Patty's Day get together! INGREDIENTS Donut: 1 cup Flour 1/3 cup Cocoa Powder 1/2 tsp Baking … [Read more...]

How Your Home’s Exterior Protects Its Interior

How Your Home's Exterior Protects Its Interior The outside of our home is something we often take for granted. The rain and cold stay out, the contents stay in. It's not something we vigorously address on a weekly basis. We often just give it a cursory glance on the way in for an evening with the family, never giving it much thought. Maybe we should. Proper care and function of the inside of our home can only happen when the outside is … [Read more...]

Foods to Eat That Wake-Up Your Skin

Foods to Eat That Wake-Up Your Skin Everyone, at some point in their lives, wishes for healthier glowing skin. Many people already know that stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise all contribute to poor skin health. If your skin appears dull, blemished, dry, oily, or you have dark circles, your diet may play a large role. If you are looking to wake-up your skin, here are foods that will bring back your … [Read more...]

Helping Your Kids to Make Smart Choices Online

Helping Your Kids to Make Smart Choices Online As a mom I know all too well that keeping an eye on my kids all the time is near impossible. I do have certain concerns about what they’re doing when my back is turned, especially when it comes to them being online. I want them to have a sense of privacy, but as a mom, I do have to look over their shoulder for their own good which is why helping your kids to make smart choices online is … [Read more...]

Crazy Joe Baby Joe Bamboo Hooded Towel

Sample received. All opinions are my own. A hooded towel was definitely on my must-have list when I found out we were expecting our little boy. It was great when our baby was still an infant, but as he got older and bigger, I couldn’t seem to find a hooded towel that was the right size for a toddler. That is, until I was introduced to Crazy Joe’s hooded towel. This is the best towel I have ever used! When I first opened the box, I … [Read more...]

Neon KYX Light Up Shoes

Sample received. All opinions are my own. Being a long time fitness instructor, I personally find it important to bring a sense of fun to the workout. My classes will tell you I'm a little wild and full of energy. Yes at times even crazy! LOL When I first saw these light up shoes I knew I had to give them a try in my Zumba classes. When they arrived, I couldn't wait to try them out. Now as a disclaimer, I am pretty rough on shoes so the … [Read more...]