How to Get Your Toddler to Stop Sucking Their Thumb

Thumb sucking is a common habit that children develop (even in the womb). Sucking their thumb is essentially a way to pacify feelings of anxiety or stress as it provides them with comfort. Though thumb sucking may not have been something you were worried about when they were infants, now that they’re older and have more teeth coming in, you want to nip this habit in the bud before it causes a problem. The question most moms have is, “How in … [Read more...]

Born free – 5 gift ideas for the adventurer in your life 

Does your son have a passion for the outdoors? In our ever-increasing digital world, it’s not as common as it once was for children to play outside for hours, climb trees and get muddy. So, when their birthday comes around, finding the right gift for your little one isn’t always as easy as it should be – if you need some gift ideas, check out wicked uncle gifts for boys for some inspiration.   However, if your son loves nothing more than … [Read more...]

How to Stay Fit When You Travel 

Traveling, whether for work or fun can be one of the most rewarding parts of your life, but it can take a toll on your overall health and fitness. Whether you often travel or not that much, it remains true that it’s taking you out of your routine.   You don’t have access to your gym that you might work out at when you’re home or your at-home fitness equipment.   You’re thinking more about what you’re doing at your destination and less … [Read more...]

6 Reasons You Should Take a Trip to Ohio 

Are you pondering a trip to the Buckeye State? Ohio is a robust state with a healthy and vital tourism sector. The state reports that sixty percent of the travelers visit the state for pleasure and leisure, staying at hotels, motels, and resorts. There are also 375 campgrounds, nearly 18,000 campsites, 761 resort lodge rooms, and 801 cabins. If you are visiting the state, there are six cities that will make your trip worthwhile. Here, we … [Read more...]

Legal case: how will it affect my family?

When you’re involved in a legal case, such as the Tasigna lawsuit, for example, or you’ve been in a car accident, it can feel all-consuming. Finding a lawyer, wondering whether the case will go to trial and balancing financial worries can be extremely difficult, and this can have a significant impact on your family. You might worry that your children will be affected.  However, many families go through legal struggles and manage to stay … [Read more...]

Could Over-The-Counter Be Riskier Than We Might Think?

When it comes to how we take care of ourselves, especially through medication, people have a lot of choices nowadays. Even without a prescription, we have access to hundreds of choices of over-the-counter medications designed to treat all kinds of symptoms related to allergies, colds, flu, digestive troubles, and more. However, people sometimes assume that just because a medication is OTC, it comes with no risk. That’s not true at all and we need … [Read more...]

Questions Parents Should Ask Before Encouraging Children to Pursue Professional Sports 

As a parent, you want your child to have the opportunities in life that help them achieve their goals of success. However, sometimes those opportunities come at a cost, especially when it comes to sports. While some children have professional athlete goals, many play sports just to appease their parents or just for fun and have other interests off the field. If your child is one of the former, that's great. But, before you buy that pro jersey and … [Read more...]

Working Moms: Tell Yourself These Things If You’re Experiencing Mom Guilt 

Have you ever felt guilty when you had to drop your little one off at daycare? Or maybe you felt sick to your stomach when you realized that your daughter’s recital was the same day you had to fly out of town to attend a week-long work conference… All you can think of is the look of disappointment on her face when you have to explain to her how you won’t be able to see her perform but you’re going to make it up to her.   Disappointing your … [Read more...]

6 ways you can avoid a car accident 

No one likes to expect the worst. But even the safest and most sensible of drivers can get caught up in car accidents. Therefore, it’s important to remind yourself of the dangers of the road and how reckless other drivers can be.  Thousands of car accidents occur each year, but just because they’re common it doesn’t mean that you should simply accept it. Read on for 6 ways you can avoid a car accident.  Stay sober behind the wheel No … [Read more...]

What You Need To Know About Childhood Obesity 

In the US today, obesity is rising, with over a third of the population being categorized as overweight. Children are at risk of this, which can lead to many severe problems later on down the track. It is essential to be aware of the dangers of childhood obesity and the impact it can have on our children. If you want to learn more about childhood obesity, please keep reading.   When we think of obesity, the most common causes for children … [Read more...]