Holiday Gift Guide | Matchbox Big Boots Blaze Brigade Firetruck Set

Holiday Gift Guide | Matchbox Big Boots Blaze Brigade Set

Big Boots to the Rescue!
When there’s a raging fire, it’s time to call the Big Boots Blaze Brigade! This thrilling fire truck can speed to the scene and catapult Big Boots figures from multiple launching points to save the day. Boys will love playing out all the heroic action and adventure of racing to the rescue, performing amazing stunts with the figures and water “projectile,” and extinguishing the flames.


Ethan is very much into Firemen and Firetrucks lately. When I saw the Big Boots Blaze Brigade Firetruck I knew he’d love it. This isn’t just another push and go firetruck. This truck gets the job done!

This Truck Will Launch Into Action!
The fire truck features multiple launching points, so kids can help their Big Boots figures leap into action! Launch figures from the front or side of the vehicle by pulling out the rear fender. Need a firefighter on top of that burning building? Just push a button to catapult the fearless firefighter from the truck’s ladder, and he’ll fly through the air to battle the blaze!

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 10.08.19 AM

Hoses get tangled and lost, so Matchbox came up with a fun alternative. Included with the truck are “water projectiles” that you launch into the fire to put it out. So now Ethan can yell “Ready! Set! LAUNCH!” when he puts out the blaze.

HURRY Let’s Put Out the Fire!
Place one of the Big Boots figures at the top of the truck to man the “water” blaster. Kids can load the “water” projectile and push the button to send the life-saving, fire-quenching ammunition into the fight!


What’s in the Box?
Fire truck comes with three Big Boots figures.

  • Includes three durable Big Boots figures that always land on their feet
  • Launch figures from the fire truck’s front cab, side fenders, and ladder
  • The ready-for-anything figures inspire open-ended action play
  • Truck has grooves and launches that help hold the figures’ oversized boots
  • Kids can create amazing stunts and invent their own exciting stories


Big Boots Figures Are Ready for Adventure

Included with the truck are three figures. What’s fun about them is that no matter how they are tossed, they always land on their feet. No more regaining your bearings before getting ready for action… they can get straight to the task at hand and put the fire out.

The Blaze Brigade vehicle comes with three dynamic figures, each carrying firefighting accessories. To fortify the brigade, collect additional Big Boots figures (sold separately). The fire truck can hold up to 12 figures at once — for those massive blazes and major rescue missions!

With endless hours of imaginative play this set is a winner! Boys will giggle and squirm when they launch the firemen and water across the room. I plan to purchase several more men for Ethan since the truck holds 12 and comes with only 3. I figure the more firemen and water, the better right? I know my house is safe now!

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You can purchase the Big Boots Blaze Brigade Set at

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    my grandson would love the MATCHBOX® MEGA RIG® SHARK SHIP!™ Set

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    I would also like to get my grandson the BATMAN™ THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ POWER ATTACK™ Deluxe TURBO PUNCH™ BATMAN™ Figure.

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  37. Andrew Johnson says:

    My wife would love the Barbie Dreamhouse to play with with the kid!

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    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

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    MATCHBOX® 20 Pack Assortment

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    I like FLAME FIGHTERS PACK # 1 ,I would like to win this for grandson who will be four in Feb. his dad is a fireman and they could play fire fighter together .

  50. kim burnett says:


  51. shannon oelrich says:

    I like the dino chopper

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    Love the hot wheels wall track, my fb is Michelle Trump and my email is

  53. I learned they have some helpful articles including tips on birthday parties.

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    HOt Wheels wall tracks ! 🙂

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    i like the matchbox cliffhangers police station

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    like Disney PICTIONARY® Game

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    Really like the Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Stride-to-Ride™ Puppy!

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    HOT WHEELS® WALL TRACKS™ Starter Set BATMAN™ Edition

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    Hot Wheels 50 Pack for sure!

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    I want the MATCHBOX® CLIFF HANGERS® Fire Station

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    I love the Barbie™ Purse All-In-One Fishing Kit. It is perfect for any little girl who wants to go fishing with Daddy.

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    My son would love the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Spaceship Command Center.

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    We love the Big Boots Dino Chopper too! Thanks

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    On the Step2 sight I’d like the Deluxe Nursery

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    I also like the Big Boots Rescue Jump Squad helicopter.

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    My boys would also like the BIG BOOTS DINO CHOPPER Vehicle.

  71. My daughters would like MONSTER HIGH® High School

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  74. I like the way they have the site laid out. I clicked under “Active Play” which I think is a cool heading. I was surprised to find they still make Toss Across.

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    I like the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks!

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    Honestly, I just want this truck!! If I don’t win, I’m going to buy it anyway! My husband is a firefighter and our son’s room is all firefighter theme. He will love this (and so will my husband!)

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    I would like the BARBIE® 3 Story DREAMHOUSE®

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    Id love The Hot Wheels T-Rex Take Down!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

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    My daughter really wants a Password Journal that Mattel makes!

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    HOT WHEELS® WALL TRACKS™ Starter Set BATMAN™ Edition

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    i like Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

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    I would also love the Little Mommy Bedtime Baby Doll for my daughter!

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    I learned that Big Boots figures always land on their feet, so they’re ready for action as soon as they hit the ground.
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

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    I also love the HOT WHEELS® WALL TRACKS™ Starter Set BATMAN™ Edition
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    Aside from this awesome firetruck, my son would also love the Big Boots Dino Chopper! Thank you for the chance to win!

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