Frozen Donor Eggs Offer a New Chance for Having Children

Getting pregnant.  

We’re taught to avoid it at all costs until that magical day when everything falls into place.  

Career goals accomplished, check. Loving partner and parent-of-future-children, check. Financially stable, check.  

But then, the journey of becoming a parent isnt always as easy as we’re often led to believe.  

If youve found yourself walking the challenging journey of infertility, using an egg donor from Donor Egg Bank USA’s network of premier practices may be an opportunity worth exploring.  

Are frozen donor eggs right for me? 

Women are born with all the eggs they’ll ever have, and they lose one or more with every monthly cycle after puberty.  

Women often look to egg donation as their best option to become pregnant when the quantity or quality of their eggs is diminished. Maternal age plays a large role in this, although early menopause or premature ovarian failure in women younger than 35 can be another factorLastly, those who have battled cancer may have undergone radiation treatments that damaged their reproductive system.  

However, none of these reasons preclude anyone from becoming a parent if they’re open to conceiving using donated eggs 

How do I choose my donor? 

There are two options available for egg donation: fresh or frozen eggs.  

For a fresh egg donation, some intended parents have a friend or family member in mind whos willing to donate their eggs, or they may use a facility that coordinates with a local donor.   

There are also egg banks offering frozen donor eggs, like Donor Egg Bank USABecause their donor eggs are already frozen and readily availablefamilies can search through a vast database of unique donors to find their compatible match this may include eye color, height, ethnicity, educationany characteristics that are most important to the intended parents 

With frozen eggsyou can also rest assured that the donors have already passed a highly selective prescreening process that includes genetic, medical and psychological testing.     

Why choose frozen donor eggs over fresh? 

While the idea of frozen eggs may initially seem foreign to you, there are many advantages to choosing frozen donor eggs.   

Equal success rates to fresh 

In addition to rigorous donor prescreening, the chances of getting pregnant with frozen donor eggs are equal to a traditional fresh cycle.  

In the past, fertility clinics used to employ a slow freeze method which had limited success due to ice crystal formation comprising the integrity of the egg. 

Fortunately, the current gold standard for freezing eggs is vitrification. This means eggs are quickly flash-frozen which eliminates the risk of ice crystaformation inside the eggs.  

Less time needed to complete cycle 

Additionally, using frozen donor eggs has considerable scheduling advantages when compared to fresh eggs.  

When using a fresh egg donor, the donor and recipient must sync their cycles before retrieval, fertilization, and maturation and implantation of the eggsIn the fresh donor process, this often takes between four months to a year to complete.  

In comparisonthose who choose frozen donor eggs can begin their cycle at their convenience. Completing a frozen donor egg cycle only takes 4 – 8 weeks from start to finish. 

How does the process work? 

Using frozen donor eggs is very similar to IVF using your own eggs, except without the initial retrieval process.  

Once you’ve chosen your frozen donor, your fertility clinic will receive a cohort of 5-8 eggs, which a skilled embryologist will thaw, fertilize, and allow to mature.  

In preparation, the recipient – either the intended parent of gestational surrogate – will be prescribed hormones to thicken her uterine lining for an embryo to implant.  

Once ready, your doctor transfers an embryo or two using a thin catheter and ultrasound technology.   

After your pregnancy is confirmed, you can watch your waistline expand while your dreams of parenthood come closer to coming true! 


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