Gift Ideas for the Tech Kid

Gift Ideas for the Tech Kid The biggest joke these days is, if you don’t know how that gadget works, ask your kid. The thing is, it’s more reality than comedy these days, as kids are immersed in technology far sooner than any of us were growing up. For better or worse, kids are getting more screen time than ever before and, due to the early and often exposure, they are naturally adept at technology. Not only that but also nearly all kids love … [Read more...]

Helping Your Kids to Make Smart Choices Online

Helping Your Kids to Make Smart Choices Online As a mom I know all too well that keeping an eye on my kids all the time is near impossible. I do have certain concerns about what they’re doing when my back is turned, especially when it comes to them being online. I want them to have a sense of privacy, but as a mom, I do have to look over their shoulder for their own good which is why helping your kids to make smart choices online is … [Read more...]

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Open Ear Wireless Headphones

A sample was received. All opinions are my own. Being aware of my surroundings while running around my neighborhood is very important to me. Nothing has happened thus far, but as a woman I can not simply let my guard down. Busy drivers that are in a rush don't always look both ways, cars zoom down my residential street much faster than they should and to be honest, as much as I would like to believe everyone is good in the world, there are some … [Read more...]

Technology and Little Ones

Technology and Little Ones It's nearly impossible to raise your children without them having access to technology, you might have to go as far as traveling to to Mars. Even Mars has technology that we have left behind, though. Limiting when they get their first taste of technology is also a difficult task. By the time they are born, it is already too late. Technology is everywhere. Consider the increasing number of parents who will put their … [Read more...]

The Ideal Technology for Children at Every Age

The Ideal Technology for Children at Every Age   In the current world, your child’s developmental milestones include technology like computers and mobile devices. In the past, you would be documenting your child’s first steps, words, and smiles. However, a lot has changed in the current world that is greatly influenced by technology. There is no right age for you to allow your children to start using any technological equipment. … [Read more...]

Limit Screen Time with FamilyTime App

Limit Screen Time with FamilyTime App The rising concern among parents of this age is the extended use of screens by their young kids that result in multiple health related issues that are not physical only but mental too. The list of these issues contain: Digital Eye Strain Attention Deficit Obesity Sleep Disorders Back Ache Neck Strain Headache And the list goes on… This is an admitted fact that the extended … [Read more...]

Nextbook Ares 11 Quad Core Tablet

Sample received. All opinions are my own. Sometimes having a tablet just isn't enough to get things done when you are out on the road. A great solution is the Nextbook Ares 11. This slim Android tablet includes amazing functionality and the addition of the POGO keyboard which makes it feel more like a laptop than a tablet. An enhanced tablet can make your experience so much better for travel, convenience and every day use. The Nextbook … [Read more...]

Not Just a Fitness Tracker | InBody BAND Body Composition Analyzer

Sample received. All opinions are my own. Improving my health is always on my mind, and anything that makes that easier to accomplish is a great bonus in my life. The InBody BAND is a fun way to keep track of your fitness level in a sleek design that goes with you anywhere. While it doesn't do the work for me, it does help me know exactly how I am doing as I progress toward better health. An InBody BAND is a wearable body composition … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Stay Safe While Surfing the Web

6 Ways to Stay Safe While Surfing the Web In today’s world, it seems we are always connected. Whether through social media or blog posts and personal websites, our entire lives can be plastered on the Internet. However, even though using the Internet can be a great tool for parents, families, and kids to stay connected, it can also be dangerous. If you’re worried about how safe you are online, take a look at six ways to stay safe while surfing … [Read more...]

5 Apps for the Holidays

This post is part of the Verizon Ambassador program #vzwbuzz. All opinions are my own. This year you can download one or all of these 5 Apps For The Holidays to help with everything from getting great deals to just having a bit more holiday cheer in your life. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa doesn't matter. These apps work great for all kinds of celebrations, and add a little holiday cheer to your busy life during this … [Read more...]