Project 366 | Day 9 | Two Kids and a Box

Project 366 Day 9 Two Kids and a Box My kids oftentimes enjoy the boxes most goodies come in more than the goodies. Today was no exception. They spent hours playing with this box! … [Read more...]

Project 366 | Day 8 | Missing You

Project 366 Day 8 Missing You… With my grandmother’s birthday approaching… she has been on mind. It’s been almost 9 years since she passed and I still reach for the phone to call her. These photos are of her as a baby and her holding my newborn Dad. I left the flowers purple… her favorite. … [Read more...]

Project 366 | Day 7 | Ethan & the Light

Project 366 Day 7 Ethan & the Light … [Read more...]

Project 366 | Day 6 | Daytime Moon

Project 366 Day 6 While playing outside (at 5:30 in the evening) Ethan pointed out the moon in the daytime sky. I thought it was pretty and snapped a photo with my cell phone. … [Read more...]

Project 366 | Day 5 | Highs & Lows

Project 366 Day 5 Highs & Lows I chose this photo as “the one” for the day because this is how I prefer to see my children. They had a blast playing Hot Wheels on the floor this evening. There is more to the day though… This photo is of heartbroken Ethan. Emma decided she was going to be the first person to play with his squirt gun he got for Christmas and tried to yank it out of his hands. It shattered into pieces… leaving … [Read more...]

Project 366 : Day 4 : Little Boys Toys

Project 366 Day 4 Little Boys Toys While cleaning up Ethan’s toys tonight I found all of his Hot Wheels lined up on the window sill. Little boys and their toys… priceless. … [Read more...]

Project 366 : Day 3 : Ballerina Girl

Project 366 : Day 3 Ballerina Girl Small story behind the photo. Emma has walked on her tip toes since she could walk. Recently I asked her why she walks on her tip toes. Her response… “Because I want to be a ballerina!”. Today I found a pair of ballet slippers at the thrift store and surprised her with them. Here is her response: (bonus photo) … [Read more...]

Project 366 : Day 2 Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Day 2 Lazy Sunday afternoon with Ethan (Gritty effect) … [Read more...]


(With BlogMania winding down today, I decided to take a break from the weekday giveaways and share a piece of our weekend. Don’t forget to enter… OurKidsMom’s giveaway closes at 11:59pm!) *************** Although we live in a neighborhood full of children, we just happen to live on a long cal-de-sac with nobody Emma & Ethan’s age to play with. Up until the other day, they relied on each other for companionship. Our neighbor’s 3 1/2 year … [Read more...]

Take Me Away…..

On a windy day like today… it makes me think of flying kites. Anyone want to be on the other end of this one? (My husband ran across this while out and about yesterday. See how tiny that man is on the right hand corner?) For some reason the song “Take Me Away” keeps running through my head. … [Read more...]