4 Simple Steps to Help Your Child Refinance Their Student Loans

According to Forbes Magazine, student debt in America is higher than both credit card and auto loan debt, with over 44 million borrowers and over $1.3 trillion in outstanding loans. With these numbers, it is no surprise that your child may be feeling a crunch on their finances as a result of student loan payments. Many graduates find it difficult or nearly impossible to make their student loan payments every month, while others just want to … [Read more...]

Eliminating Debt for the Modern Mom

Graduating from college is one of the happiest, momentous, exciting, saddest, horrifying, and turbulent times for any adult, nonetheless a mother also dealing with the needs of a family. With such a large range of emotions, focusing on the next steps in life becomes difficult. Life altering decisions hang in the balance while you transition from a student to a full-time participant in the world of capitalism as an employee or entrepreneur. … [Read more...]

McKenna’s Preteen Bedroom Makeover | Scrabble Wall Tiles & Crate Walls

McKenna's Preteen Bedroom Makeover | Scrabble Wall Tiles & Crate Walls So as all us parents know our kids grow way too fast. It really hit me a couple months ago when my daughter came to me and told me that she wanted a new bed that was more grown up. Well, little did I know that this one request was going to open a big can of worms and get me into way more work than I realized. It was time for a preteen bedroom makeover. When we first … [Read more...]

To Buy a Car, or Not to Buy: Which Should You Choose for Your Family?

To Buy a Car, or Not to Buy: Which Should You Choose for Your Family? You’ve been plugging along just fine in your decade-old vehicle until you see Miss Jones pull up to the school in her shiny new SUV. Hmm, is it time for a new car? What would you choose? Would you buy or lease? We’ve all been in that position before. And it’s a huge decision, especially if your current vehicle is in good working order. Let’s explore the pros and cons … [Read more...]

Signs of Hidden Water Leaks You Shouldn’t Ignore

The source of some water leaks in your home, like a leaky faucet, is very obvious and therefore, easy to fix. But what about those leaks that are not as obvious and exist for days or even months? Before you can fix a problem, you have to know where it is. Because water leaks can cause a lot of damage, it is important to understand the signs of water leaks so you can identify and then fix them. If you live in Melbourne, visit … [Read more...]

Top 5 Attic Pests & How To Remove Them

Top 5 Attic Pests & How To Remove Them Do you constantly hear scraping coming from your attic? Before you write it off as just the wind, you should have a professional pest removal expert inspect the area to see if you have any unwanted visitors. Many pests prefer the attic because it is a secluded area of the home to give them shelter. Look into the numerous pest services available the next time you start thinking, “I need some wildlife … [Read more...]

The More You Learn The More You Earn

Image Credit This article looks at a fundamental principle in terms of earning money... to create more value. This is a particularly good paradigm to consider sharing with your children, as gone are the days where your child will go to school, get a job in a big company and stay in that job for the rest of their lives until they retire. The working world our children are entering is one of portfolio careers, remote working, freelance … [Read more...]

Why Having Good Indoor Air Quality in Your Home Is Important

Why Having Good Indoor Air Quality in Your Home Is Important When you think about air pollution, you probably think about belching smokestacks, roaring truck engines, smog, and other outdoor air pollutants. But while the air inside your home may look clear, it's full of indoor pollutants that can be serious problems thanks to how much time we spend inside every day. Without good ventilation or a good air filter, bad indoor air quality can cause … [Read more...]

5 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Heating and Cooling Costs

5 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Heating and Cooling Costs Heating and cooling costs contribute to a large part of your monthly energy bill. Even though you regularly remember to turn off your appliances before you leave home, you may be still dealing with high energy costs. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, a typical household spends about $112 a month on energy bills. But have you considered inspecting your electricity … [Read more...]

Work From Home Means Being Organized

Work From Home Means Being Organized Working from your home can sound like the best gig in the world and there are certain perks that make being at home the best. The one thing no one wants to tell you is that for all the flexibility and claims that it’s easier really equate to the fact that you have to be organized! This is your livelihood and your business, you have to treat it as that rather than as just working from the living room. Here are … [Read more...]