Little Tikes Americana Sort ‘n Store™ Toy Chest (Box) Review

Spring Home Makeover with Little Tikes Americana Sort ‘n Store Toy Chest Ethan moved into his big brothers room when he was almost two. He inherited everything from the full sized bed to the white shelving on the walls. All of which were meant for an older child... but we have been making it work. With Ethan’s expanding toy “library” came the feeling of clutter. Toys laying out in the open on shelves works, but when you have a lot of toys … [Read more...]

Spring Home Makeover | Carpet One Tigressa SoftStyle Rug Review

Spring Home Makeover with Carpet One Tigressa SoftStyle Rug Our lower living room flooring has been an issue for us for a while now. The carpet was old, beat down and stained so we tore it out and replaced it with faux wood. Because our house is a California split with four levels, the lower living room is on a concrete slab. The floor down there gets incredibly cold in the winter and stays rather chilly through spring and fall as well. … [Read more...]

Spring Home Makeover | Loft Beds by

Spring Home Makeover with Loft Beds by Recently I’ve noticed how cluttered Emma’s room has become. It seems that there is a perpetual mess and there never seems to be a place or room for things. I had the bright idea that a loft bed might be the answer. Because she’s only five, I didn’t want a full size one... just one of the cute low loft beds that comes to about my shoulders. After a little searching I found … [Read more...]