Kids Bedroom Makeover | Wayfair & Bolton’s Alaterre Mansfield Junior Loft Bed Review

We’ve been slowly making over every area of our home to help reduce clutter, organize and just update the looks of the room. Ethan’s room was one of the last rooms to receive attention, but it was finally his turn. Ethan moved into this room when he was 2. Before he occupied it, it belonged to his big brother Josh. Josh was into sports for the longest time so the décor was balls... lots of balls. Although Ethan has always liked balls, he … [Read more...]

Bedroom Makeover | Beyond Bedding Frankie’s Fire Truck 4pc Twin Bedding Set Review

Beyond Bedding Frankie’s Fire Truck 4pc Twin Bedding Set Review Ethan turned 4 this July and has already lived in two rooms during his short life. His nursery was downstairs and it was only partially decorated as we didn’t really use the room much. When we had the “great room swap” (everyone got a new room except Emma), Ethan took Josh’s old room upstairs. Up until recently he was more than happy with the sports theme Josh left behind, but … [Read more...]

LG Electronics TrueSteam Dishwasher Review

LG Electronics TrueSteam Dishwasher Review Up until very recently I was under the assumption that a dishwasher was a dishwasher. I knew that some looked a bit fancier than the others and some had a few more “bells and whistles”, but they all washed the dishes... the. end. Then... LG Electronics asked me to try their integrated TrueSteam dishwasher. Not only does it have a TrueSteam generator, but it has a feature I have never seen anywhere... … [Read more...]

Magic Cabin Personalized Book Rack Review

Magic Cabin Personalized Book Rack We have slowly been redecorating both Emma and Ethan’s rooms trying to make them more comfortable... kind of like their own little nest. We removed the toy clutter from under Emma’s loft bed and decided to turn it into a reading area for her. We found the perfect bean bag chair but were still trying to find the best solution for storing/displaying Emma’s books. After a little web browsing we found Magic … [Read more...]

Home Makeover | Amana Tall Tub Dishwasher Review

We have slowly been working on replacing our older white kitchen appliances with newer stainless. We love how crisp stainless looks and that it gives an updated feel. Our current dishwasher was in the home when we bought it 10 years ago. Although it was still functioned it was dated, not energy efficient and well... blah. During my search for a new stainless unit I stumbled on the Amana brand. After searching their site we decided on the Tall … [Read more...]

Home Makeover | simplehuman Rectangular Recycler & Grocery Bag Holder Review

We are currently trying to update our home one little step at a time. Through de-cluttering, upgrading and replacing items things are slowly coming together. One little thing we decided to do to “update” our home is replace our plastic trash cans and recyclers with stainless steel options. That gives a sleek and sophisticated look to an otherwise overlooked area. After some searching, I found simplehuman. They have a full line of stainless … [Read more...]

Patio Makeover | Rosewill Savilla 3 Piece Café Set From Newegg Review

Home/Patio Makeover Rosewill Savilla 3 Piece Café Set You’re surprised to see the logo there in reference to a patio makeover, aren’t you? I was surprised when I found out that they had patio furniture, too! I had always associated electronics with the newegg name and was pleasantly surprised while browsing through their site. Specifically, the Savilla Collection caught my eye. Savilla 3 piece Cafe Set includes 2 aluminum and … [Read more...]

Home Makeover | Our Pergo Floor Reveal!

Home Makeover with Pergo Laminate Flooring If you’ve been following my Pergo floor makeover you will remember our Pergo shopping trip at Lowes and our post about installing Pergo laminate flooring. It’s taken a while to finish the trim because of a few door issues from having our foundation lifted back into place (finally had to purchase a new door), but the room is finished! Because of the layout of my house, it’s a little difficult to get … [Read more...]

Home Makeover | Danze Prince Two Handled Bathroom Faucet Review

Home Makeover with Danze Prince Two Handled Bathroom Faucet Our house was a few years old when we purchased it about ten years ago. I never really had an issue with the bathroom faucets, but have always looked at them at standard builders grade models that had fairly regular issues with the drain plug getting stuck. When I was given the chance to review a Prince™  Two Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet I jumped at it! I was hoping that … [Read more...]

Home Makeover | Comfy Sack “Bean Bag” Chair Review

Home Makeover with Comfy Sack “Bean Bag” Chairs I’m sure most of us have experienced a traditional bean bag chair at some point in our lives. I remember from my childhood nestling into them during silent reading time at school. I also remember being a little rough with them and jumping into/on them and having little white polyurethane beans flying everywhere. I am positive the adults in our lives did not enjoy cleaning up that mess and … [Read more...]