5 Fun Diversions that Can Improve Your Health at the Same Time

5 Fun Diversions that Can Improve Your Health at the Same Time Let’s face it: moms are busy. Twenty-four hours simply isn’t enough time for moms to accomplish everything they need to do in a day. As such, it can be difficult for moms to find time to allocate a few hours a day to healthy activities –– let alone enjoyable diversions. However, the good news is, you can kill two birds with one stone and delight in these five healthy hobbies that … [Read more...]

4 Reasons to Consider a Plant-Based Diet

4 Reasons to Consider a Plant-Based Diet Adopting a plant-based diet doesn't require you to give up meat entirely, although you certainly can. As long as your diet consists primarily of fruits and vegetables, your health will benefit. Besides all the delicious vegetarian recipes available now, a plant-based diet can improve your quality of life as a whole. Plants Are Good for Your Blood Image via Flickr by Sole Treadmill Studies show … [Read more...]

Protect Your Family With a Water Filter

Protect your family with a water filter You might think that living in America, there is no need to have a water filter for our drinking water. Surely one of the perks of living in the first world is that we have a limitless supply of clean water coming from the tap whenever we need it? Unfortunately, the truth does not quite live up to the expectation. Pour yourself a glass of tap water and take a drink. The taste alone is likely to tell … [Read more...]

Love your skin? Here’s how to make it shine

Love your skin? Here’s how to make it shine Everyone has skin, but most of us will allow it to cop a fair bit of abuse over our lifetimes. Many of us know the cleanse, tone, moisturize routine, but what else can you do to keep it healthy and youthful? Read below for some of the technologies that are available today to keep your epidermis in the best shape possible. Hopefully it goes without saying, but sunscreen really is your best … [Read more...]

8 Foods to Avoid for a Flat Belly

8 Foods to Avoid for a Flat Belly Whether you’re looking to avoid a bloated belly or shed off some extra pounds, the solution is in your diet: you need to eat clean! While the grocery store is decorated with aisles full of colorful snacks and pre-packaged meals, the majority of them should be avoided at all cost. This food is full of harmful chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and excess fats that serve no purpose other than to bloat you, stay … [Read more...]

Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nursing Program

A lot of people are pursuing careers in healthcare these days, particularly nursing. If you want to become a registered nurse, you will have to make a point of selecting the right college to attend. With so many different colleges and universities that offer nursing programs, it is imperative that you narrow down your options. The following is a list of questions that you should ask yourself before deciding on a certain college to attend for a … [Read more...]

How to Establish a Healthy Bedtime Routine

How to Establish a Healthy Bedtime Routine Also known as “sleep hygiene,” it’s a series of best practices that are customizable to each person to ensure better, longer, less disturbed sleep. The National Sleep Foundation reports that the majority of adults don’t get enough sleep. It’s tough, particularly in a society with technology addiction and where lack of sleep is seen as something to brag about. Around the world, lack of sleep has become … [Read more...]

7 Tips For Younger, Healthier Looking Skin

7 Tips For Younger, Healthier Looking Skin A lot of different factors play into the way your skin looks — and it’s not just genetics. It’s possible for you to have younger, healthier looking skin without making drastic life changes or getting surgery. To keep your skin looking young and healthy, follow these tips. Have a DermaFill Procedure If your skin is already starting to show signs of aging, you should consider having a DermaFill … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Deal with Lower Back Pain After Pregnancy

5 Ways to Deal with Lower Back Pain After Pregnancy While the words “good news” and “lower back pain” have no place being in the same article — let alone the same sentence! — I’ll start things off with some information might give you a little peace of mind: lower back pain after pregnancy is surprisingly common. In fact, medical research has found that at least 50 percent of women experience some degree of lower back pain at some point during … [Read more...]

Tips for Better Sleep

Tips for Better Sleep Whether you need a little pick-me-up to get you started or just like the taste of coffee, caffeine is essential in many households. Though coffee and other things that contain caffeine do have some health benefits, there are also some drawbacks to indulging too much in this natural stimulant. Read on if you're curious about the health effects of caffeine or are interested in improving your sleep quality by only … [Read more...]