Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nursing Program

A lot of people are pursuing careers in healthcare these days, particularly nursing. If you want to become a registered nurse, you will have to make a point of selecting the right college to attend. With so many different colleges and universities that offer nursing programs, it is imperative that you narrow down your options. The following is a list of questions that you should ask yourself before deciding on a certain college to attend for a … [Read more...]

How to Establish a Healthy Bedtime Routine

How to Establish a Healthy Bedtime Routine Also known as “sleep hygiene,” it’s a series of best practices that are customizable to each person to ensure better, longer, less disturbed sleep. The National Sleep Foundation reports that the majority of adults don’t get enough sleep. It’s tough, particularly in a society with technology addiction and where lack of sleep is seen as something to brag about. Around the world, lack of sleep has become … [Read more...]

7 Tips For Younger, Healthier Looking Skin

7 Tips For Younger, Healthier Looking Skin A lot of different factors play into the way your skin looks — and it’s not just genetics. It’s possible for you to have younger, healthier looking skin without making drastic life changes or getting surgery. To keep your skin looking young and healthy, follow these tips. Have a DermaFill Procedure If your skin is already starting to show signs of aging, you should consider having a DermaFill … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Deal with Lower Back Pain After Pregnancy

5 Ways to Deal with Lower Back Pain After Pregnancy While the words “good news” and “lower back pain” have no place being in the same article — let alone the same sentence! — I’ll start things off with some information might give you a little peace of mind: lower back pain after pregnancy is surprisingly common. In fact, medical research has found that at least 50 percent of women experience some degree of lower back pain at some point during … [Read more...]

Tips for Better Sleep

Tips for Better Sleep Whether you need a little pick-me-up to get you started or just like the taste of coffee, caffeine is essential in many households. Though coffee and other things that contain caffeine do have some health benefits, there are also some drawbacks to indulging too much in this natural stimulant. Read on if you're curious about the health effects of caffeine or are interested in improving your sleep quality by only … [Read more...]

Five Ways To Stay Healthy On Your Winter Wonderland Vacation

Five Ways To Stay Healthy On Your Winter Wonderland Vacation Most of us know that it can be quite the challenge to maintain a healthy diet during a vacation. If you’re spending your holiday in a sunny, tropical location, then lots of lounging on the beach plus those sugary mix drinks can leave you with a few extra pounds. A winter vacation, however, may be just as risky to a healthy routine, especially when you’re hiding under layers of … [Read more...]

How Moms Can Care for Kids Even With a Disability

How Moms Can Care for Kids Even With a Disability Osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and cerebral palsy are just a few of the diseases that impair mobility. Mothers dealing with either of these disabilities may find it difficult to get around, much less manage a full house with children. Many women prefer not to give up the homes they have raised their families in, and instead prefer to try and make it work in the home they have rather than moving to a … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Improve Your Morning

Easy Ways to Improve Your Morning Whether you wake up early for work or to make sure your kids get to school on time, mornings can be a drag. Even if you got enough sleep the night before, you still might resent the feeling of waking up to the screeching of an alarm clock. You might even consider yourself a morning person but still struggle with bad mornings every once in a while. Here are some easy ways to improve your morning so your day gets … [Read more...]

Five Effective Ways to Sneak in a Workout

Five Effective Ways to Sneak in a Workout As a parent, finding time to exercise can be a challenge. Often, we know what we have to do to get healthy but don’t know how to allocate the time into our busy schedules. Fortunately, it is simpler than you might think. Here are five effective ways to sneak in a workout, while working toward building a consistent exercise routine. Use the Dose Effect to Your Advantage You may have heard … [Read more...]

Eye-Eye Captain! Keeping Your Kids’ Eyes Healthy

Children are resilient little creatures, but just like adults they get sick and they have a need for regular appointments. Dentists and doctors are to be seen on a regular basis, of course, but a lot of parents overlook seeing an eye specialist from time to time. We, as adults, often take for granted how much our children can see. We assume that as they haven’t complained about a lack of sight, they must be just fine. The thing is, the world … [Read more...]