Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Senior Citizens

As we age, we become more susceptible to illness, disease, and various health conditions. Thankfully, senior citizens do not have to feel as though heart disease, arthritis, cognitive issues, and the like are inevitable. While vital at any age, keeping up healthy lifestyle habits is a must for those reaching the age of retirement. Concentrate on Prevention   Rather than waiting on health issues to arise or worsen, it's best to get … [Read more...]

Trying New Things for Fun 

Trying out new things is a fun way to pass time. Whether you are at your workplace or in the comfort of your own home, there are many new things to try. Trying out new things can be fun. It can also increase your productivity, improve your health, and bring joy to those around you. There are endless new things that you can do to improve your overall happiness. If you are looking for ways to pass time, here are some of the best new things … [Read more...]

Staying Safe Through Relaxed Quarantine

For many of us, it’s seemed that the COVID-19 quarantine would never end. We’ve become used to working from home, spending virtually 23 hours a day under one roof and grappling with weird dreams, loss of sleep and mounting levels of general stress and anxiety. Now, however, it appears that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Restrictions are starting to lift in many states. Quarantine laws are becoming more relaxed. People are getting ready … [Read more...]

3 Things to Understand About Medicare If You Have Permanent Disability, ALS, or ESRD

Healthcare coverage — and especially a lack thereof — can be one of the most stressful challenges to navigate. And these fears and anxieties become exponentially more difficult for anyone suffering from a chronic or debilitating condition.  Living with such hardship will never been easy. But there are insurance programs available to help people manage this profound burden. Medicare, though known as a plan for senior citizens in retirement, … [Read more...]

Understanding White Noise & How It Supports Healthy Sleep  

If you or your children have ever had trouble falling asleep or found sleep easier with some slight background noise, you’re likely one of the many that prefers white and/or pink noise. In technical terms, white noise is a consistent noise that plays evenly across every hearable frequency. Hearing noise might seem counterintuitive to your ability to fall asleep, but frequency is key. Uneven noises, like the sound of traffic or noises coming from … [Read more...]

Ways to Encourage Kids to Avoid Illegal Substances

Substances are everywhere. It may be the alcohol in your cupboard, the pill bottles on your shelf, and even the glue with your arts and crafts supplies. These things are all easy for your kids to get their hands on. Find ways to encourage your kids to avoid substances so you can prevent lifelong consequences that can come from taking them. Seek Professional Help You don’t have to take on the job alone. You can seek professional help when … [Read more...]

Tips For Traveling With CBD Gummies 

Just because you are traveling, doesn’t mean you have to leave your Verma Farms CBD gummies at home. The laws may be a little confusing, but some preparation and planning is all you need to breeze through airport security like a pro.  Why You Want to Take CBD Gummies on Your Trip  Combat Fatigue and Soreness   Traveling can be exhausting. Yes, you and your family are having the time of your lives, but when you are on vacation, you usually … [Read more...]

Ways Motherhood Kills Your Self-Esteem (And How to Get it Back)

Everyone likes to talk about the joys of becoming a mother. You often hear about the blessing in bringing a child into the world and the privilege and honor of raising them into outstanding citizens. It’s true that becoming a parent is a gift and the journey of being there and watching your child grow from birth to adulthood (and beyond) is one worth cherishing. Be that as it may, motherhood is hard. It often takes a lot of sacrifices to be the … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Toddler to Stop Sucking Their Thumb

Thumb sucking is a common habit that children develop (even in the womb). Sucking their thumb is essentially a way to pacify feelings of anxiety or stress as it provides them with comfort. Though thumb sucking may not have been something you were worried about when they were infants, now that they’re older and have more teeth coming in, you want to nip this habit in the bud before it causes a problem. The question most moms have is, “How in … [Read more...]

Born free – 5 gift ideas for the adventurer in your life 

Does your son have a passion for the outdoors? In our ever-increasing digital world, it’s not as common as it once was for children to play outside for hours, climb trees and get muddy. So, when their birthday comes around, finding the right gift for your little one isn’t always as easy as it should be – if you need some gift ideas, check out wicked uncle gifts for boys for some inspiration.   However, if your son loves nothing more than … [Read more...]