Audiovox Over-The-Ear 808 Signature Series Headphones

Audiovox Over-The-Ear 808 Signature Series Headphones I’ve been watching people for walk around with headphones on for ages. I had wondered what the hoopla was about. I honestly thought that it was rather silly because I assumed the sound quality was the same as ear buds, they were just bigger and bulkier... a status symbol. Then I was sent a pair of Over-The-Ear 808 Signature Series Headphones to review (free of charge, all opinions are … [Read more...]

Windows XP End of Support Coming Soon | Windows 8 Upgrade Offer | #WindowsChampions

Windows XP End of Support We use our computers for many different reasons. Some use it for casual use like email, browsing and shopping, others for school, and some for business. Everyone has one common denominator when it comes to their files and information... we want it to be secure and safe. If you are using Windows XP... the following information is VITAL to you. In 2001, Windows XP was launched, and went on to become Microsoft’s … [Read more...]

Auvio Expandable Bluetooth Speaker

Auvio Expandable Bluetooth Speaker Portable speakers are so convenient, but wireless Bluetooth speakers are even better!  I wanted to get this speaker for my husband to review.  He is always on the go and I thought a portable speaker for his iPhone would come in handy.  I know basically nothing about Bluetooth and even less about iPhones, so here's what he had to say about the Auvio Expanding Bluetooth Speaker: This speaker works great!  … [Read more...]

Top 5 Things I Love About the Samsung Galaxy S III Cell Phone | A Mom’s Review

In years past, women's roles were mainly to be a wife and mother. As time has passed we’ve progressively picked up many more roles. It’s not that we have more time in the day, but that we are expected to multi-task and complete all of these tasks in the same amount of time. Among other things I am a mom, wife, blogger, secretary, chauffeur, photographer, scheduler, and personal shopper. Because of my need to be organized and connected I had … [Read more...]

Neato Robotics Pet & Allergy Robotic Vacuum XV-21 #HGG

Neato Robotics Pet & Allergy Robotic Vacuum XV-21 We live with two very big puff balls also known as Mocha & Jasper. I knew when rescuing two Maine Coon kitties that I would have to deal with pet hair, but actually having to do it often makes me groan from frustration. When I heard about a robotic vacuum that was specifically made to attack pet hair I knew I had to give it a try. The Neato XV-21 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner is … [Read more...]

LG Electronics TrueSteam Dishwasher Review

LG Electronics TrueSteam Dishwasher Review Up until very recently I was under the assumption that a dishwasher was a dishwasher. I knew that some looked a bit fancier than the others and some had a few more “bells and whistles”, but they all washed the dishes... the. end. Then... LG Electronics asked me to try their integrated TrueSteam dishwasher. Not only does it have a TrueSteam generator, but it has a feature I have never seen anywhere... … [Read more...]

Coby Snapp HD Digital Camcorder Review

Coby Snapp HD Digital Camcorder The Coby CAM5002 High Definition Camcorder is great for recording your favorite moments in stunning HD. Film video, take pictures, and review files at the touch of a button, and enjoy high-definition playback of your favorite home movies with the built-in HDMI connection. A built-in SD card slot allows you to record hours of video, while the integrated USB plug, MuveeTM editing software and YouTubeTM … [Read more...]

Sony Walkman E Series 8GB Video MP3 Player Review

Sony Walkman E Series 8GB Video MP3 Player Emma loves music. We found this out when she was around the age of 2-3. Emma had difficulty winding down and would have some serious fits that only alone time and music could cure. One day at Josh’s soccer game we gave her our MP3 player to listen to and watch videos on. So began Emma’s “music therapy”. Her mood swings lessened considerably and she seemed overall happier! Fast forward to now. To be … [Read more...]

Samsung Focus Flash Windows Phone Review [CLOSED Giveaway]

I am an admitted smartphone junkie. I’ve only had one for about three months, but now I wonder how I functioned beforehand. I now have the freedom to “cut the cord” (leave the computer) and still be able to check in on my email for a minute, see if anything important popped up on Facebook, check for DMs on Twitter and anything else that pops into my mind while still being able to go to the park with the kids, or anywhere for that matter. I … [Read more...]

Nextbook Premium8 Tablet Review : 8” Capacitive Touch Android Tablet w/Expandable Memory

Nextbook Premium8 Tablet   Features: 8” TFT Capacitive Display 800x480 High Resolution Built-in Rechargeable Battery Built-in 4GB Memory Storage Built-in G sensor Front facing 2.0 camera Preloaded with 25 Free eBooks Built-in Speaker Micro SD/MMC Card Slot for Memory Expansion MP3 & Photo Viewer   Christmas is around the corner and many of us have been handed long … [Read more...]