Bamba Burger | Free App For Kids

Bamba Burger | Free App For Kids


It has recently come to my attention while hunting down one of my tablets that Emma and Ethan have taken over my iPad. My shiny little portable connection to the outside world is full of kids games… seriously. I had to delete some so I could put one of my own apps on it.

Their recent addiction is Bamba Burger.

Kids can make their very own burgers, fries and sodas with Bamba Burger. Bamba Burger features exciting graphics, engaging interactivity and yummy entertainment for pre-schoolers (although my 1st grader loves it just as much as my pre-schooler!).

Bamba Burger gives kids the opportunity to learn through play and fires up their imagination and creativity. Kids cut their buns, flip the patty, create their custom-made burger, fill their soda cup, slice the potatoes and make French fries. What’s more, they get a mystery present/toy with their meal.

Bamba_Burger_02 Bamba_Burger_03 Bamba_Burger_04

Bamba Burger offers a variety of crazy ingredients to choose from while making your burger, such as Octopus, Donut, Toilet Paper and Sunflower. How about a little chocolate or sardines as a topping… sure enough they have them! 


Bamba Burger teaches counting skills. Once the meal is made your child chooses the price (1-9) and then pays with the coins from the purse (they only have as many coins as the price).

Bamba Burger encourages social play too, either among their peers or with their parents. One player can make the meal and the other can pay for and eat it.

Ethanphoto (12)

Ethan is sort of a traditionalist when it comes to making his burger and fries. Here you can see he started with traditional items like tomato, cheese, and the burger patty, but then started to add silly items like cherries, carrots, glue, chocolate, grape jelly, toothpaste… you get the drift.

Emmaphoto (12) 

Emma went for the gross factor from step one and piled it on thick. When it comes to serving up a drink, Emma gets icky with her mixture. Spider soda anyone?

photo (10)


My meal is a knock off… well, it starts as a knock off. I wanted a Krispy Cream burger, so I started with a donut (nope, never had one and probably never will… but I’ve heard they are delish!).

I added the patty, bacon, lettuce, onion, pickle, and tomato. Then I got goofy because I love hearing my kids laugh… I added a sunflower and chocolate sauce for the laugh factor. My drink of choice… rainbow soda.

This app is one of the few that Emma and Ethan return to often… just for giggles.

* Dozens of buns, ingredients and drinks to choose from * Hamburger patties to Unicorn Juice!
* Cook the patty and flip it on the hot pan
* Make the type of fries you want – and fry it in the deep fryer
* Dispense the drinks – 12 flavors to choose from!
* Mystery toy that comes with every meal
* Fantastic, beautiful artwork
* Kid-focused interface
* No external advertising
* No in-app purchases
* Great for kids 2 and up

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad   * Requires iOS 5.1 or later   * 49.3 MB   * Pricing : FREE!


Bamba offers other fun (and funny) apps for kids…

be sure to connect with Bamba here:



You can download Bamba Burger for FREE from iTunes.


ONE OurKidsMom reader is going to win an iPad Mini so they can play Bamba with their children!



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    tvollowitz at aol dot com

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