Best Automobiles for Seniors

Driving is a rite of passage for every adult, and one that is challenged by the effects of aging later in life. It’s especially important for seniors to invest in a safe vehicle to maintain their ability to drive, and their independence. An average of 20 seniors are killed and 794 injured each day in automobile crashes. The effects of aging can pose serious risks to driving, and because of this, the unique needs of seniors should be considered … [Read more...]

Skin Care Techniques we Do and Do NOT recommend 

More than 85 million Americans are affected by some skin condition, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Skin disorders are more than just itchy annoyances; they can be a real impediment to the way of life. As such, people with skin diseases go to great lengths to deal with those problems, and it isn’t cheap. The same AAD report revealed that Americans spent up to $75 billion in a single year to treat skin … [Read more...]

How to DIY a Kitchen Makeover on a Budget  

Living in a dated kitchen can feel a little bit like your home is caught between the decades and sometimes you just want a bit of a change. But here’s the problem, a full on kitchen renovation can cost you a tidy sum, and not to mention the time and stress it will bring you and your family. If only there was a way to give your kitchen a facelift without it hurting your pocket. Good news is, there is a way to make your kitchen look like it was … [Read more...]

The Consumer Guide to Electric Vehicles

While more expensive at the onset when compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles, electric vehicles and hybrids offer families enormous benefits in the long-run. Not only are they more affordable to maintain, automobiles powered via electricity produce zero emissions, reducing the amount of toxic air you and your loved ones are forced to breathe. For families in the market for a new vehicle, understanding the difference between the … [Read more...]

Healthy Lunch Packing Ideas for Back to School

Packing lunch for your little one doesn't always have to mean giving them something unhealthy. In fact, with a little bit of creativity and the right shopping list, you can pack a lunch that's much healthier than what the school has to offer. This can fuel them with essential vitamins and nutrients while instilling their love for better-for-you foods. To get started, invest in a compartmentalized lunch box and try out the ideas below. … [Read more...]

Tips for Taking Care of an Older Dog

If you've been blessed with a dog, you'll likely live with them through their golden years. Even though your dog's care requirements will be different as they age, they have an excellent chance of enjoying these years in happiness. Knowing the best ways to provide care will help ensure that they live lives as fulfilling as possible. Dietary Needs A dog's energy level drops somewhat as they age, making obesity a risk to look out for when … [Read more...]

What To Do When Mom No Longer Feels Like The Word

Picture Credit   Being a full-time mom is fantastic. Unlike many other women, you’re in a privileged position where you get to take total responsibility for your youngsters. You don’t have to worry about handing them over or missing out on big moments. You should be jumping with joy at this amazing experience. So, why aren’t you? Even when you understand how lucky you are, it’s not unusual to feel a little stifled when you’re looking … [Read more...]

5 Packing Essentials When Traveling with a Baby

Getting packed and ready to travel with a baby can be an overwhelming experience for many parents. However, with the right list of packing essentials, you can make traveling with your infant less stressful and give you peace of mind that you have everything taken care of and ready to go. Here are five packing essentials when traveling with a small infant: A portable place to change. Changing pads can provide you a clean space to … [Read more...]

Work Attire 101: Tips for Working Moms 

Whether you like it or not, in today's modern world how you dress has a direct impact on how successful you are in the workplace. Many people don't realize that, even though your appearance doesn't impact your performance, first impressions are important to clients and customers alike.  As a mom who is just heading back into the workplace, you may be a little rusty on everything work attire related. You may not have worked in the time when … [Read more...]

Going on a Genealogical-Inspired Trip Overseas

One of the hottest topics of conversation these days centers on one, very interesting question; "Where do you come from?". More people than ever are digging into their ancestry to discover where their roots really lie. There are several websites and even a few companies that can help track lineage based on a simple DNA test. The ultimate tour of discovery would be to act on the information gathered digitally and embark on an amazing adventure to … [Read more...]