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Sample received. All opinions are my own. This is one of the rare occasions that one of my older children has stepped up to review a product for me! This particular review was written by my oldest daughter, Kaytlin. While most kids can’t wait to get out from under their parents’ roof and live on their own, I stayed in the comfort of my childhood home and attended community college until I was 21. By then, I had taken all the classes I … [Read more...]

Best Camping Destinations in the U.S. to Visit as a Family 

A camping trip is one of the best ways to get the family together for some quality time, but there are lots of idyllic spots all across the country to choose from. When you take the time to learn about some of these destinations, you will be able to choose the right one to visit with your family. Each of these places has unique landscape and activities to offer, which is all the more reason to do your research.   Bryce Canyon  While it’s … [Read more...]

How to Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Family Vehicle 

How to Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Family Vehicle    When we buy something expensive, we want it to last for a long time. Unless you’re wealthy, you can’t easily afford to buy a new vehicle any time you want. We use our cars every day to drive ourselves to work, take our children to school, run our weekly errands, and many other things. Over time, our vehicle will sustain wear and tear.  If you’re on a tight budget, reducing vehicle wear … [Read more...]

Your 48 Hour Guide to Bali 

Your 48 Hour Guide to Bali  So, you only have 48 hours and you want to enjoy natural beauty, cultural serenity, and adventures of Bali in that limited time? Well, if you ask for an honest reply – a lifetime is shorter to completely admire every unique characteristic of Bali. But, we know it’s not practical to spend your entire life discovering a single tourist destination. So, here we are giving you a guide to utilize your 48 hours in Bali and … [Read more...]

5 Good Paying Jobs for Your Recent High School Graduate

When your child graduates high school, they typically have a decision to make – do they continue onto college, or do they get a job? For some, affording college is simply not an option at the moment, and so their choice is typically to start looking for a job. And while having a higher education degree can help you to earn more money in the long run, that doesn't mean your child can't find a decent paying job right out of high school. In fact, … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Link Up | Giveaway Linky

Monday Morning Link Up | Giveaway Linky Welcome to Monday Morning Link Up! This is a great way to spread the word about your giveaways and find a few to enter as well! The rules are simple: 1) Giveaways must be family friendly 2) Check out a few giveaways for yourself! (there is no obligation to enter any) … [Read more...]

5 Lessons to Teach Your Child Before They Leave for College

5 Lessons to Teach Your Child Before They Leave for College Adulting is hard work. But when you’ve been doing adult-type things for years, it’s easy to think of them as common sense. Doing laundry may be an intuitive process, but everyone needs a lesson so they don’t put the towels in with the delicates. Laundry is one of many things you should teach your children before they leave for college. This list covers the basic lessons your child … [Read more...]

Get the True Skinny on Skinny Jeans!

Love them or dread them, skinny jeans aren’t going anywhere, except perhaps in your closet or wrapped around your body. The myth that skinny jeans can only be worn by thin people is just that, a myth. Worn by both men and women, skinny jeans generally refer to extremely tight-fitting pants with tapered legs. You know a true skinny jean with its snug leg fit and the hem ends in a small leg opening that can be anywhere from 9 inches to 20 … [Read more...]

5 Fun Diversions that Can Improve Your Health at the Same Time

5 Fun Diversions that Can Improve Your Health at the Same Time Let’s face it: moms are busy. Twenty-four hours simply isn’t enough time for moms to accomplish everything they need to do in a day. As such, it can be difficult for moms to find time to allocate a few hours a day to healthy activities –– let alone enjoyable diversions. However, the good news is, you can kill two birds with one stone and delight in these five healthy hobbies that … [Read more...]

4 Reasons to Consider a Plant-Based Diet

4 Reasons to Consider a Plant-Based Diet Adopting a plant-based diet doesn't require you to give up meat entirely, although you certainly can. As long as your diet consists primarily of fruits and vegetables, your health will benefit. Besides all the delicious vegetarian recipes available now, a plant-based diet can improve your quality of life as a whole. Plants Are Good for Your Blood Image via Flickr by Sole Treadmill Studies show … [Read more...]