Best Bottom Diaper Cloth Diapering System Review

I had the privilege of reviewing a green giraffe shell with 2 microfiber stay dry inserts and a microfiber overnight insert from Nicki's Diapers. I love the idea of the Best Bottom diapering system, you have a cover and inserts. When the insert is dirty you simply remove the insert and snap in a clean one.   The shell comes in one size that adjusts to 4 different sizes, ranging from newborn to 35+ pounds. My favorite part of the shell would … [Read more...]

Little Love Buns Wipe Bits, Eco-Friendly Detergent & Wet Bag Review

Little Love Buns Little Love Buns is made and created by Dallas, a proud mother of 3. She started cloth diapering after the birth of her twins and found that after trying many different cloth diaper soaps she wasn't happy with how they cleaned. Having a child with sensitive skin she decided to spend some time coming up with the perfect diaper detergent, wipes solution and soap... and out came Little Love Buns. I have tried quite a few … [Read more...]

The Laundry Tarts All Natural Detergent | Fluffy Butts Cloth Diaper Giveaway Sponsor Spotlight

If you cloth diaper, then you know the importance of being picky with what detergent you use to get them clean. You have to think about... is the soap going to leave a build up?... Is it going to all rinse out of my diapers?... Is it going to get my diapers clean?... Is it tough enough to get the stink out of the diaper?... and is it safe to use on my diapers? Well, I must say The Laundry Tarts cover all these concerns and then some. Their all … [Read more...]

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers | Fluffy Butts Cloth Diaper Giveaway Sponsor Spotlight

Fluffy Butts Cloth Diaper Giveaway Sponsor Spotlight Glow Bug Cloth Diapers I have heard about Glow Bug diapers but have never tried one, so when given the chance to try one there was no thinking about it. Glow Bug Diapers started with two moms who were looking for a good quality and adorable diaper. They decided a better way to get what they were looking for was to make their own... so they started Glow Bug … [Read more...]

Neatnik Saucer High Chair Cover Review

      Do you ever dread going out to a restaurant, because of the mess afterwards all over the floor! People looking at what a mess your child has created, drawing unwanted attention. Problem solved! I was excited to see how this worked. McKenna loves her food, but she isn't the daintiest eater. She is a two hand eater who shovels it in as fast as she can. She makes a mess no matter where we are... after our meal is done it's onto my hands and … [Read more...]