Sherpa Fleece Photo Blanket

Sample received. All opinions are my own. It is COLD outside! At a temperature of -33 Fahrenheit all  anyone wants to do is stay inside where it is warm and cozy, and what better way to do that then wrapped up in a warm cozy blanket with the kids watching your favorite show with them.  sent me a stunning 60x80 Sherpa Fleece photo blanket. The front of the  blanket is a custom photo, you can add 1 image or create a … [Read more...]

Love2Learn Elmo

Every child loves Elmo! I was sent the Love2Learn Elmo and as an adult I was looking forward to learning and playing with this Elmo for a review. Recommended age is 18 months - 4 years, but I would say it's pretty flexible depending on your child. From learning colors, numbers, animals, manners, to brushing their teeth, sharing, or even potty training Elmo is there to encourage your child in real time. Customize your Elmo with the free app to … [Read more...]

Juke 24 Portable, Digital Jukebox

I was just introduced to a music player I had never heard of before and I sure wish I had been sooner. Juke 24 has been the perfect music player for my daughter. She has been begging for her very own music player for a long time. She is 6 and I know an ipod would get lost within days, and I thought about a cd player, but lets get real she is 6 and those cds would never make it back into the case unscratched. When I first pulled the Juke 24 out of … [Read more...]

How To | Salt Dough Footprint Olaf Christmas Ornament

Salt Dough Footprint Olaf Christmas Ornament Christmas is coming and it's craft time in my house. I love to have a new craft/ornament for the kids each year and this year's craft I saw was way too cute idea on Pinterest to pass up doing. Salt Dough Foot Print Olaf. Start off by making up a batch of salt dough, this is the recipe I used: 2 Cups Flour 1 Cup Salt 1 Cup warm water Kneed your dough until it's a soft texture, the longer … [Read more...]

Tahitian South Sea Pearl Denise Pendant | #GIVEAWAY | ends 12/17

Sample received. All opinions are my own. Who doesn't LOVE jewelry? When it's stunning and affordable there just isn't much better. I was introduced to a web site called  The Pearl Source and was sent a stunning  Tahitian South Sea Pearl Denise Pendant to review. I personally have never owned anything that was real pearl, so  I was pretty pumped when  it  arrived. It felt like Christmas had come early for me. The anticipation of getting  to … [Read more...]

Square Panda Phonics

Square Panda Phonics Sample received. All opinions are my own. Education is such and important part of our children's lives, and an important foundation  to our kid's education's is learning to read. In our house I have wanted reading to be important to my kid's, so I like to use a variety of reading tools to make reading fun and not boring. I was recently sent and iPad accessory called Square Panda to try out with my kids. Square … [Read more...]

Kodak Baby Monitoring Sytem

Kodak Baby Monitoring Sytem Sample received. All opinions are my own. With young kids in the house a good baby monitor is a must. Kodak has a great baby monitoring system that should be looked into by anyone in the monitor market. It's stylish as it blends into your modern décor, and the options, oh the options that comes with this monitor. Before taking the monitor out of the box first thing I noticed was the design and style, with the … [Read more...]

Red Rock Traditions | Products to Help Create Family Memories | #GIVEAWAY 3 WINNERS | ends 12/3

Samples received. All opinions are my own. There are a lot of businesses out there that you can join and become a consultant with, have parties and earn money while doing so, but most of them  seem to be a lot of the same thing. Red Rock Traditions is the first of its kind company that I have come across that focus' on bringing families together to make new family traditions. I was sent Measures and Memories, Countdown to Everything, and … [Read more...]

3Doodler Start | 3D Drawing Pen for Kids

Who doesn't love to draw?.... Ok I know not everyone, but in my house all my kids love to draw and do anything that is artsy. I was sent the 3Doodler start to review and my kids couldn't wait for me to open it up so they could begin creating. So opening it up it includes your 3Doodler Pen, project book, charging cable, and 2 packs of assorted plastic doodle sticks. I was also sent the DoodleBlocks set that includes plastic sticks and … [Read more...]

Burley D’Lite Bike Trailer

Sample received. All opinions are my own. Summer is here and the weather is warm! It's time to dig out the bikes and get the family outside getting exercise and being together.  Going for a bike ride with little ones can be a bit tricky, I have a 2 year old who struggles to keep up. Thanks to Burley there is no more struggle for him, he actually gets to now ride in supreme comfort and style in the Burley D'Lite. The D'Lite can carry 1 or 2 … [Read more...]